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Advisory Council on Blood Stem Cell Transplantation Meetings

May 29, 2014 Meeting

Agenda (PDF - 16 KB)
Meeting Summary Notes (PDF - 265 KB)


FDA Licensed Cord Blood Banking (PDF - 31 KB)
Impact of FDA Licensure on Cord Blood (PDF - 503 KB)
Impact of FDA Licensure on Cord Blood Banking and Transplantation (PDF - 684 KB)
BMT CTN Protocol 0903 and the Search for a CCR5Δ32 Donor (PDF - 637 KB)
Advancing Hematopietic Stem Cell Transplantation Hemoglobinopathies (PDF - 512 KB)
Cell Therapy Data Collection (PDF - 356 KB)
Cord Blood as a Biological Product: Implications (PDF - 398 KB)
Combined Work Group Presentation (PDF - 92 KB)
Workgroup Cord Blood Thawing and Washing (PDF - 134 KB)

HRSA Update May 29, 2014 (PDF - 229 KB)
NMDP Update to ACBSCT on Reimbursement for BMT (PDF - 967 KB)

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